About "actual size"
Actual Size
So what do you want to know?

"actual size" is the finest comedy-music act in the history of the world*.

Ever since the dawn of time, funny songs have roamed the barren landscape of popular culture in search of some way to measure their relative hilarity…

Now, through a miracle of science, “actual size” is able to perform funny songs in their natural, unadulterated, organic, non-GMO, salmon-friendly state and instantaneously provide precisely provoked, real–time, audience bio-feedback reaction data (in the form of spontaneous laughter), regardless of the locale or lighting conditions.

“actual size”, the only acoustic comedy duo in existence to feature Steve Goodie and Andy Corwin singing together, at the same time (on purpose), may, or may not be coming soon to an actual concert venue near you…

ANDY CORWIN (despite appearances to the contrary) is a singer/songwriter comprised of nearly 60% water. In a past life, He was one fourth of the political comedy/folk music quartet "The Foremen". As the bass player and resident hairball of The Foremen, Andy performed throughout the US and Canada and can be heard on two Warner/Reprise releases, "Folk Heroes" (1995) and "What's Left?" (1996). On the other hand, he has spent much of the 21st century, so far, as a touring member of the legendary 1960’s folk group “The Limeliters”, (upon which the cult classic, "A Mighty Wind", was partially based). Andy is also an accomplished documentary film-maker with dozens of film and television credits.

STEVE GOODIE (not to be confused with Eduard Haas III, the Austrian candy maker who invented PEZ™), was a founding member of “The Two Jew Revue”, a musical comedy act that managed, in its time, to offend audiences on all five continents. Songs from TJR’s two CDs [(“The Two Jew Revue” (1998) and “We Just Want You To Be Happy” (1999)] are still getting airplay on the Dr. Demento radio show, as well as a small naval AM station in Oceanside, California. As a professional standup comedian, Steve has toured the country for many years, and has been seen on Showtime, Comedy Central, and on NBC’s Today Show. Since 2007 Steve has been the emcee at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Dozens of “actual size” fans can’t be wrong! Their soaring vocal harmonies, mesmerizing lyrics and fetching outfits make them a force to be reckoned with. Both Andy and Steve are desperately in need of attention… and cash. 

To learn more about Steve, click here. To learn more about Andy, click here.

They can be seen performing regularly around the country, and soon, around Chino and other state facilities.

* According to Funny Singing Jew Magazine